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A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Buying Used Car Parts

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When performing repairs on your vehicle, you will need to choose between purchasing new or used car parts for the job. While both of these options have their own unique pros and cons that you should consider, many people find that the option of buying used parts is the better choice. Taking a moment to review the pros and cons of buying used auto parts can help you to determine whether or not this is the right choice for you as well.

The Pros Of Buying Used Car Parts

  1. Cost - Used car parts typically provide the most cost-efficient solution to auto repairs since these parts can be purchased for far less than brand new parts. Since cost is a major factor for many people when making auto repairs, this is perhaps the most beneficial aspect of choosing used parts.
  2. Selection Of Original Parts - The older a vehicle gets, the more difficult it can be to find original parts for this vehicle. If you wish to ensure all replacement parts on your vehicle are genuine, the option of buying used parts will allow you to accomplish this goal long after genuine replacement parts stop being produced for your vehicle. 
  3. Quick Availability - Many brand new parts will need to be ordered either by your mechanic or your local auto parts store before you are able to begin repairs on your vehicle. With used auto parts, you can often pick up the parts you need the very same day from a local scrapyard. 

The Cons Of Buying Used Car Parts

  1. Limited Lifespan - A used car part will have already had a portion of its original lifespan used by a previous owner. This can result in parts that do not last quite as long as brand new parts before needing to be replaced. 
  2. No Warranty Coverage - Most used car parts will not come with a warranty since the exact amount of life these parts have left in them can be impossible to guarantee. However, if you are worried about a lack of warranty coverage, a special type of used parts known as refurbished or rebuilt parts can allow you to enjoy the warranty coverage you want for a slightly higher cost than traditional used parts. 

The Bottom Line

Used car parts provide a cost-efficient alternative to buying brand new auto parts. These used parts will also make it possible to get repairs done faster since there is no need to wait for these parts to be ordered before repairs can begin. However, it is important to remember that there are fewer guarantees when it comes to how well a used part will function or how long it will last. Consequently, it is best to use these parts when performing auto body repairs or replacing parts that have a naturally long lifespan. When replacing major mechanical components, the use of refurbished or rebuilt parts can help to offset any risk that comes along with choosing used car parts.