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Why Using The Right Batteries In Your Boat Is Essential

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Replacing your boat batteries happens about as frequently as car batteries but can vary with how they are cared for during the off-season. Boat batteries are similar to their automotive counterparts in a lot of ways, but there is a difference, and it is essential that you use the right batteries when you are changing yours.

Durability And Construction

When replacing boat batteries, you could use a car battery to start the engine, and while it may work for a while, there are some things that are different that would eventually become a problem. Marine batteries have additional reinforcement inside the case, making them more durable and able to withstand the punishment and vibration that comes through the hull when on the water. 

The constant banging against the waves can cause components inside the battery to break loose. However, boat batteries are made with additional plastic in the right places to help reduce the risk of damage. Most of the time, it is hard to see these differences from outside the battery, but they are there, and spending the extra money for marine batteries will often mean the battery will last longer and work when you need it. 

Leak Resistance

Most modern automotive batteries are sealed batteries, but marine batteries are made so they will not leak even when the boat is listing hard to one side or if the compartment they are in is flooding. While there are limits to how much abuse the batteries can take, starting with a design made to be in a wet environment and stay sealed is vital. 

Taking the battery design a step further, gel cell batteries are available for boats that can endure a lot of abuse and remain intact and leak-free. However, if the case is ruptured on any of these battery types, the changes that water will get in or acid leaks out is there, so securing the batteries properly is critical. 

Size And Rating

When buying replacement marine batteries, it is essential that you start with the correct physical size and type of batteries for your craft. If the batteries are too small, they may move around in the brackets. Batteries that are too large are also a concern and may not fit in the compartment the original batteries came out of. 

Measure the space and the batteries before buying new ones, and if possible, take the old boat batteries with you to the marine battery supply so the associate there can help you match them and replace your boat batteries with equivalent ones.  

For more info about boat batteries, contact a local company.