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How To Get An Old Car Or Truck Out Of The Yard For Free

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If you have an old car or truck sitting around that is not running, getting it out of the yard can quickly become a priority. Finding a junk car removal service or another method of getting rid of the car without any cost to you is not overly complicated if you know where to look for help.

Salvage Yards

One of the most common ways to get a car out of the yard is to call a salvage yard that offers junk car removal and have them haul the vehicle away. While salvage operations used to pay a small fee for junk cars, and some still will, most will offer to take the vehicle for no charge but will not pay much for it. 

The overhead of operating a salvage yard under heavy regulation is making it harder for these businesses to spend a lot on scrap cars, so they often depend on cars and trucks they can get for no cost. Junk car removal services are a small part of the business, and scrap metal sales, recycling, or resale of used parts make up a part of the business model, but finding old cars and trucks is vital. 

Junk Car Removal Services

Scrap metal is a growing industry, and many small business opportunists are embracing recycling and scrap as a way to make a living. Junk car removal services are popping up all over the country, and in many areas, they purchase cars and trucks for minimal amounts of money and then strip the vehicle so they can recycle the metal and make a profit. 

Often these junk car services will buy the cars that they recycle, but the older the vehicle, the less value it has. If your vehicle is not running, has few usable parts on it, or is very rusted, the cash for cars service will most likely offer to haul the car away without paying anything for it but without charging you for the service.

In larger cities, these services are prevalent, and you may want to call several to try and get the best price if you are determined to sell the car. 

Donating Old Vehicles

Another option that people often do not know about is donating a junk car to charity. While that might sound odd, it is actually common, and the charities contract with a junk car removal service to pick up and recycle the cars for them. The profits go to the charity, and you get a tax deduction for your donation that, in a way, nets you some profit from the scrap car. 

Not all charities take scrap cars as donations, but many do, so if you want to see your old car do some good in the world, search the internet for charities that accept these donations and will send someone to get the car after you call.