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What To Do When Your Fuel Injection System Is No Functioning Properly

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The electronic fuel injection system in your car is designed to manage the amount of fuel and air drawn into the engine when it is running. If the mix of fuel and air is wrong, the engine will not run properly and the result can be a car that is difficult to drive.

Diagnosing Problems

When you suspect there is something wrong with the electronic fuel injection system on your car, you may need some help to determine where the problem is. The fuel injection system uses many complicated sensors and some fuel injection system parts that require a computer diagnostic system to check. 

One of the most common sensors that affect engine performance is the TPS or throttle position sensor. Another is the mass airflow sensor. Both of these sensors report specific conditions to the ECU (engine control unit), so if the information is incorrect, the ECU will make changes to the fuel and airflow incorrectly, causing the engine to run poorly. 

The diagnostic computer can check the voltages and other information for the sensors and determine if they are working correctly or not. Replacing the sensors is often the fix, but if you are not sure which one is not working correctly, it can get expensive to swap in new sensors until you find the faulty one. The diagnostic is not expensive, and it can save so much time and money that it is the best option for most cars having electronic fuel injection issues.

Replacing Parts

When you are replacing parts in the electronic fuel injection system on your vehicle, it is critical that you use parts that are produced to factory specifications. Sensors and electronic components must have the right connectors, report the correct voltages and fit perfectly or they could cause more problems for your engine. 

Replacing the parts with factory original parts can save you frustration when dealing with something as technical as the fuel injection system. The cost of the factory replacement parts is often a little higher than some aftermarket parts, but when you need to know they are correct, it can be worth it.

There are some companies that produce aftermarket replacement parts for the electronic fuel injection system on your car that are very high quality, and most shops are familiar with these brands. Many of these brands are used by manufacturers on vehicles when they are built, so these aftermarket components would be factory replacement parts for your car.

If you are going to use an aftermarket part, ask the tech or service advisor at the shop about what brands they recommend. They can typically help you determine what will work best and then install it in the car for you.