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Finding Vintage Auto Parts For Your Restoration Project

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When you are restoring an older vehicle or maintaining one in near perfect condition, finding the right parts can be difficult. Finding oval window Beetle parts, for instance, can be difficult because the manufacturer does not still produce the parts, but that does not mean they are not available if you know where to look.

Locating New Parts

Older vehicles are often not going to have many new parts available for them, but you may still be able to find some new parts for them. Parts listed as new old stock were manufactured when the car was, then put on a shelf at a dealer or parts store, and never sold. 

These parts can be hard to find, but some retailers and collectors may have some listed online for sale. Parts that the manufacturer sent to a dealer, repair shop, or parts retailer may very well have been forgotten and left on a shelf until someone found them years later. 

The parts are often still in the original packaging, and if they were stored in a cool, dry place, new old stock parts could be in near perfect condition, and for many restorers, finding these parts is like hitting the lottery. Often the parts are expensive because they are so rare, but if you are serious about keeping the car original, the parts may be worth spending the money on when you come across them.

Reproduction Parts

Reproduction parts are typically made by a company specializing in recreating parts for many different cars that are no longer in production but are popular with restorers. Reproduction parts, for instance, may include body panels, engine parts, and even some interior parts that are hard to find.  

If you do find the parts used, they might be in rough condition and may not be usable. For some restorers, reproduction parts are a go-to, but some collectors do not want anything but OE (original equipment) parts on the car. 

Used Parts

The last option for finding OE parts for a vintage car is to start shopping the used parts markets. These could be parts listed online on a classified site or maybe parts for sale at a swap meet or club gathering. If you can attend events with people that are interested in the same car are you are, you may be able to connect with a few people and find a part you need through networking or from someone connected to someone you just met.