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Different Options That Are Available To You When Purchasing Auto Parts

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Whether you are purchasing car parts so that you can work on your own car, or if you provide auto repair services for others and need to be able to source parts for your customers, then you will need to know about your different options for buying car parts. These are the main options that are available to you when you're buying car parts for just about any vehicle.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

When shopping for parts for your car, one of the first options that you might come across will be original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These are the exact same type of part that was used in the car when it was manufactured. These parts can sometimes be harder to find; you might have to purchase them from a dealership or authorized parts store, or you might have to order them straight from the manufacturer. If you want to ensure that your parts will work perfectly and if you want to preserve your vehicle's value as well as possible, this can be a good option. However, this is sometimes the most expensive way to buy car parts.

Aftermarket Parts

Just like OEM parts, you can purchase brand new aftermarket parts. Basically, these are car parts that are made to fit a certain make and model of vehicle, and if you purchase the right part, you should not have to worry about compatibility issues. However, these parts are made by different manufacturers. If you are interested in purchasing brand new parts but are hoping that you can find something cheaper than OEM parts, it might pay for you to check out aftermarket parts.

Refurbished Parts

Refurbished car parts are car parts that might have been gently used or that might have been faulty. They were then sent back to the manufacturer or to another party to be cleaned and repaired. You should be able to count on these parts to work like they are supposed to, and some of them can come with a warranty. This can be a much more affordable option than purchasing brand new parts.

Used Parts

There are a few different ways that you can purchase used car parts. You might be able to find them on old cars at a junkyard, or you can purchase them from a used parts dealer. This is often the cheapest way to purchase car parts, but there are some risks since the parts might have some existing wear and tear or damage.

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