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Bus Restoration Guide to Custom Features For A Sleeper Caravan

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Do you have an old German bus that is collecting dust, and you are ready to see it on the road again? Restorations to these old vehicles give you a lot of options for things like camper vans and custom features. There may be some areas where you want to use original parts, but there are also areas where you want to do your own custom features. The following guide will help you with the restorations to your old bus to turn it into a sleeper caravan for your summer road trips:

1. Gutting the Interior of Your Bus to Get Started with Repairs and Improvements

The first thing that you will want to do when you begin restoring your bus is to remove the materials from the interior. This should include any seats, finishes and trim materials. This is referred to as gutting, and you want to remove everything down to the bare sheet metal that may need to be repaired during the restoration process.

2. Removing and Repairing the Engine and Drivetrain Before Beginning with Interior Restorations

It will be easier to do a lot of mechanical work when the interior is out of the bus. This is due to most of these older buses having rear-engine designs, and a lot of the components need to be accessed from inside. Remove the engine and do repairs to the drivetrain of your bus before reinstalling the parts. Make sure everything is running before continuing with other restoration repairs.

3. Repairing and Replacing Sheet Metal with Rust and Corrosion Damage Due to Years of Sitting

The sheet metal of your old bus probably also has some rusty spots. You want to sand these areas down to the bare metal and spray them with a protective coating. If the corrosion has eaten through any of the sheet metal in your bus, patch the holes or replace body panels. You may also want to consider a coating for the most vulnerable areas to protect against rust and corrosion damage after all the repairs have been done.

4. Adding the Finishes to The Interior of Your Bus Caravan to Get It Ready for Your Road Trips

Once you have finished with the mechanical and auto body repairs, you will be ready to start with the interior. For the front seats, you can use the original seats or look for more modern seats that are more comfortable. In the back of the bus, do custom features like the cabinets, sink and sleeping area to make your bus a good summer road trip vehicle.

With the right repairs and improvements, you will have your old bus ready for summer road trips before you know it. If you need the right parts to complete the repairs, contact a company that offers the right parts, such as type 2 VW bus parts, to complete your repairs before hitting the road.